A classical treatment which helps in nourishing the central nervous system, calm and relaxes the mind and body. It eliminates mental fatigue, headaches, insomnia and stress among others. Shirodhara is known for its benefits such as deep relaxation and body balance. It involves of three stages - a consultation with the Ayurveda Doctor to ascertain your dosha (body type - Vata, Pitta or Kapha). Secondly herbal oil is poured, in continuous streams on the forehead for easy penetration through the scalp which process continues for 30 to 90 minutes depending on your body type. The ritual is completed with an Abhyanga (a full body massage that use large amounts of warm herbal oils to heal the body of certain illnesses or physical conditions that may cause our bodies not to function as expected).(110 mins treatment).


This treatment will improve your overall health and wellbeing. The process comprise of a consultation by our In-house Ayurveda Doctor who will carefully check your doshas (body type), and accordingly prescribe a detoxifying Abyannga (Full Body Massage), which will rid of the toxins in your body. This will be followed by a relaxing herbal oil head massage, and concluded with a Herbal Steam Bath to open pores and sudate yourself enhancing the natural way of body detoxification.(135 min treatment).


A full body herbal massage to relax the stiffened muscles of the body, reduce fatigue and stress This authentic treatment using a warm bolus made of milk rice/herbs is followed up with a therapeutic oil massage. The overall impact is magnified to quite an extent, there are several benefits that people may receive including complete relaxation, rise in blood circulation, relieve from pain and stiffness, physical and mental calmness and enhanced performance thus you should definitely try out Pindasveda massage therapy.(Full body 90 min / Back and Shoulder 30 min treatment).


Luxuriate yourselves with the evening’s Romantic Retreat in our candle lit Treatment Room and share the exciting experience where two different therapists will treat you and your partner. This all encompassing treatment includes an aroma massage and scalp therapy to revive and pamper yourself, and the facial therapy to enhance the feeling for the whole day.(110 min treatment).


A relaxing Abyanga (full body massage) to balance your body energies followed by a detoxifying herbal steam bath. The Doctor will check the body dosha state and will decide the oils and herbal ingredients for your particular treatment. The Ayurveda Facial will gently exfoliate and remove dry epidermal cells, moisturizing the skin to produce a softer and smoother skin. (135 min treatment).


A Four Day treatment specially designed to help your body melt away excess fat, and is individually formulated for you. This treatment comprise of 3 stages, and begins with an analysis of your body constitution by our In-house Ayurveda Doctor who will determine the body condition and aptly prescribe the herbal oils and powders to be used in the steam and herbal baths. The first two days will be treated with vigorous massages followed with herbal steam baths, and next two days will be the Udvarthana (a typical massage with herbal powder) followed by a herbal bath. (350 min treatment).

Note: Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice. All above prices are inc